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Welcome to The Wedding Present Wiki

The Wedding Present Wiki is a collaborative website about The Wedding Present that anyone can edit! It will encompase everything about the band, it's founding member David Gedge and the other projects and bands that have connections to TWP including of course, Cinerama. This site will also in time hold a complete list of all the lyrics.


  • If you somehow stumble upon this page in its early days you will find it is far from complete. Please contact me at if you have any thoughts or just want to help.

Gedge Songs databaseEdit

In some ways this is a replacement for the GedgeSongs database that ran for a few years. That was pretty much just a collection of every lyric from The Wedding Present and Cinerama. The plan was to add lots more info than just the lyrics but time and the rubbish software used meant that dream was never fulfilled. Hopefully the ease of using this wikia along with the fact that anyone else can also add to it means it might actually become what was meant to be this time round.

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