The Wedding Present's first album released in October 1987 by Reception .


Side A Edit

  1. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft (4:10)
  2. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of? (2:43)
  3. Don't Be So Hard (2:43)
  4. A Million Miles (3:33)
  5. All This and More (2:23)
  6. My Favourite Dress (4:14)

Side B Edit

  1. Shatner (2:07)
  2. Something and Nothing (3:50)
  3. It's What You Want That Matters (3:26)
  4. Give My Love to Kevin (2:46)
  5. Anyone Can Make a Mistake (3:18)
  6. You Can't Moan, Can You? (3:20)

When the album was released on CD, there were two extra tracks included, both b-sides. Getting Nowhere Fast was placed before My Favourite Dress and All About Eve now ended the album.

The CD was later re-released in  1997 with nine extra tracks and known as George Best +9. The extra tracks were from the singles that were released susequent to George Best, namely Nobody's Twisting Your Arm and Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? along with their respective b-sides.



Producer - Chris Allison

Mixers - Steve Lyon & The Wedding Present

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