In early 1997, The Wedding Present decided to take a long hiatus. David Gedge proceeded to use this break to create a solo project or more accurately, a duo project as he was assisted by his long-term girlfriend and Wedding Present roadie, Sally Murrell. The plan was to make Cinerama a more pop-oriented group with a leaning toward the sound of film soundtrack icons like John Barry and Ennio Morricone. An attempt was made to distance themselves from The Wedding Present in every way so out went the guitars and in came flutes and strings and keyboards. Out went the grungey look and in came sparkling suits and shiny dresses.

Initially Gedge and Murrell worked with session musicians in the studio to create their perfect slices of pop. The first fruits of this labour was the single Kerry Kerry and its deviation from the usual Gedge sound suprised many fans. Only the trademark lyrical themes betrayed the song's creator. Cinerama continued to release singles on Cooking Vinyl and soon proceeded to play live with their first gig taking place in London. The first album Va Va Voom was released in 1998.

In 2000 Gedge started up his own label Scopitones for Cinerama's releases. Cinerama soon became a full-fledged band with Terry De Castro, Simon Cleave and Simon Pearson coming on board for the recording of the second album Disco Volante. A little while after this Murrell stopped playing live with the group as the sound gradually drifted back to a more guitar-oriented rock sound starting with the single Wow.

By 2002, Cinerama were making a noise not dissimilar to The Wedding Present and their third album Torino produced by Steve Albini really made that link clear. Added to the fact that live gigs were increasingly including 'covers' of old Wedding Present songs, it became clear to many that there was little of the original flavour of Cinerama left. And so during the recording of what was to become Take Fountain, it was decided to revert the band's name 'back' to The Wedding Present. Cinerama's last 'new' release was a single on Go!Metric Records called It's Not You, It's Me.

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