The Wedding Present album track from Seamonsters.


Just before you go today
 There's something that I've got to say
 Well you asked me what was wrong 
 And I didn't want to tell you  

 You believed me when I said I tried
 But oh, Carolyn, I lied
 And it's gone on far too long 
 And I never tried to help you   

 But don't wait up for me 
 Just don't wait up for me   

 It isn't quite the way you think
 How low do you suppose I'd sink?
 We couldn’t bear to be apart 
 Oh I'm sorry that I said that  
 But come on now let's not pretend
 We both knew we were near the end
 I don't want to break your heart 
 But we just cant turn the clock back

But don't wait up for me
Just don't wait up for me No more

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