The Wedding Present album track from Bizarro and subsequently a single re-recorded by Steve Albini. Possibly the greatest song ever.


No, I sent you that letter
 To ask you if the end was worth the means
 Was there really no in-between?
 And I still don't feel better
 I just wondered if it could be like before
 And I think you just made me sure
 But then that's typically you
 And I might have been a bit rude
 But I wrote it in a bad mood
 I'm not being funny with you
 But it's hard to be engaging 
 When the things you love keep changing 
 I just decided I don't trust you anymore 
 I just decided I don't trust you anymore 
 First time you came over
 Do you remember you saying that you'd stay for good?
 No I didn't think you would
 Well we couldn't have been closer
 But it was different then, and that's all in the past
 There I've said it now at last
 You grew up quicker than me
 I kept so many old things
 I never quite stopped hoping
 I think I know what this means
 It means I've got to grow up 
 It means you want to throw up   

 I just decided I don't trust you anymore 
 I just decided I don't love you anymore 
 Oh I know, you weren't listening, were you?
 Oh just go, whenever you'd prefer to
 I said it means a lot, when you use an old phrase
 But then so what? We can’t have it both ways
 I know; you're not bothered, are you?
 Even so, I'm not going to argue
 He won't object! Keep writing to me 
 Just don't forget you ever knew me

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