The Wedding Present's first single from The Hit Parade.


I don't think I've ever mentioned this before
 But I couldn't possibly love you any more
 Oh it's been ages 
 Let's not do that again  

 I think you said that when you wrote to me
 I'm not as certain as I ought to be
 I lost the pages 
 It didn't seem to matter then   

 There's lots of things I should have kept 
 But there was so much I could not accept   

 I watched some film round Alexandra's place
 But I kept seeing your blue eyes in her face
 I tried to call you 
 But you must have left by then   

 And you know that stuff about your being here
 I changed my mind, oh, I just want you near
 I don't have to own you 
 I just want you home again   

 There's lots of things I used to say 
 But that all changes from today

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