The Wedding Present album track.


I know you've put those big boots on because they're kind of scary
 You're an Amazon, you're a mercenary 
 And your boyfriend's gone but I'm still far too wary of you 
 I don't know why because my body's aching
 You only have to sigh and, well, my hands start shaking
 Oh, I've got to try, because my heart is breaking in two 
 It's just that I don't know what to do
 You scare me stiff You scare me stiff 
 You like to play, it's true, that's why you're always winning
 Well I could do that too, just let me start at the beginning 
 Because I'm just as good as you when my head isn't spinning like this 
 Because you don't know me, there is no reason why you should do
 But there are things I've got to see and if you want to come, you could do
 You say that you agree but if I walk away now, would you be sad 
 Or would you just think "That's too bad"?  
 You scare me stiff
 You scare me stiff  
 You scare me stiff 
 You scare me stiff

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