The Wedding Present album track from Bizarro.


I'm not sure and I'm not asking
 But I thought I heard you say 
 "I just walked past him"
 But why can I never do anything before you go? 
 I don't know 
 And outside the streets are empty
 There was no time then
 And now there's plenty
 Oh why do I never get a chance to say a word 
 When you're on your own? 
 If there's nothing that I want more
 Why do my steps get this small 
 When I reach your front door?
 And I wait outside for you to come back out 
 And your light goes out  
 You don't know me but I'm still here
 And God the last time I saw you
 You were, oh, this near
 And there's a thousand things I wish I'd said and done 
 But the moment's gone

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