Airborne - Cinerama album track TorinoEdit


And I was watching you from the observation deck
 Until your plane became a shiny speck
 And if I wanted to sentimentalise
 I'd say the planes drew kisses across the sky
 So now, you're airborne
 But I could have sworn
 That you'd be here forever
 That wasn't so clever
 The vapour trail's dissipating fast
 I guess some things aren't made to last
 And I might be feeling quite morose
 But now I'm wondering if we ever got close
 Your plane keeps shrinking
 I stand here thinking
 Just how did I get this far
 Without guessing what you are?
 You just packed up all your stuff
 And said that you'd had enough
 But, really, you just flew away the moment things here got tough
 And all the problems we had
 Didn't really make you that sad 
 You just never worked out how to take the good with the bad

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